Thanksgiving Day

Today we have celebrated Thanksgiving Day. In secondary school, we have been working on the importance of valuing what we have and who we have close to us, and we wrote it down to remember it every day.  The students in the 3rd cycle of primary school have celebrated the day by writing something they were […]


We have celebrated Thanksgiving in our school!! It’s a holiday to give thanks for all the good things God has given us and it’s also a day to celebrate family. We’ve enjoyed several activities and had so much fun being grateful for imortant things such as family, friends, food, school… Gratitude is more than a […]

Happy Thanksgiving!

During this week, the second-grade students have been working on thanksgiving activities. We have learnt the story about thanksgiving, the typical meals that they eat during this day and some other traditions. But the best part was making our turkey crowns and writing what we are thankful for. We realized about all the fantastic things […]